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Step-by-Step Guide to a Clean Snapback

Posted by Mike Boyko on

Step 1 - Mix laundry detergent for wool and a cool to cold water into a small pot Step 2 - Spray water over the snapback until it becomes moist enough Step 3 - Dip a toothbrush in a detergent and start rubbing gently on the surface Step 4 - Rinse the snap with cool water and roll gently in a thick towel to absorb the moisture Step 5 - Twist a wet towel into a cone Step 6 - Put the towel inside the snap Step 7 - Take your snap with the towel inside, somewhere it can dry and air out ...   TIPS: If you dry your snap on your own head, it will dry to the precise shape of your head. Avoid putting your snapback into a clothes dryer. Hot air will shrink it  

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